The West Ham player will have to go to court to answer for what happened.

Kurt Zouma, a West Ham United footballer, will go to court this week for assaults on his cats, which were recorded and distributed by his brother, who will also have to face justice.

The French player appeared last January in a video hitting and kicking one of his cats, a scene that was recorded by his brother, also a footballer, who was immediately suspended. Zouma had to face a fine of 250,000 pounds (about 300,000 euros) and lose custody of the cats, which continue to be in the care of the British animal protection organization (RSPCA, for its acronym in English).

Zouma, who will go to court this Thursday, faces three charges for “unnecessary damage” to the animal and for failing to protect the cat from injury, pain or illness.” Zouma’s brother, Yoan, faces two charges for helping Kurt to harm animals.

The first hearing of the trial will take place this Thursday in the courts of the Thames, in the British capital.

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