The summer 2022 transfer market already is here so now let’s review what have been the last Bomb signings and the most relevant rumors of these last days to be at both with regard to this new period of summer transfers 2022, you want to find out what they are I recommend reading this article in its entirety more preamble.

10. Frenkie de Jong:

And friends, we are going to start with the case of Frank de Jong, that’s right, and this week the topic frank de jong and his departure from FC Barcelona has given what to talk about right and left and it was precisely today.

 When the information came out several media outlets are assuring that Frankie De Jong would already be seriously thinking about leaving FC Barcelona and accepting his departure for clubs such for the moment.

Possible Transfer to Manchester United

The top candidate manchester united that’s right friends the red devils of ten hubs have been following the dutchman for several weeks and finally this could end in a record Frank quiet.

important for both parties, that is, totally referring to FC Barcelona and manchester united with Frankie de jong at the moment there is only talk that united would have made a direct and official offer to FC Barcelona for frank de jong, which would be from approximately 60 million euros+10 in variables.

but said the offer would have been totally rejected by him, light Barcelona who would be waiting for at least a first total offer of 80 million euros, the Blaugrana are not lacking reasons to ask for this the amount because it is what more or less they would be trying to obtain for frank de jong more than anything to satisfy the economic problems.

 United has a lot of money it has to offer this and more but the fair amount at least to satisfy both parties would be 80 million euros, what do you think, according to fabric, his brother, has been negotiating for this signing since June 1, and for now, frank’s response would be a resounding if.

What do you think? you would like frank de jong to leave FC Barcelona completely do you think these rumors come true I read your opinion in the comments.

9. Andreas Christensen

Now we are going to continue with the case of Andreas Christensen because as I reported in the first video in today’s news. Chelsea finally announced Dane’s farewell that’s right friends and journalists like Fabricio romano assures that this signing is totally imminent and in the next few days Barcelona could make it official.

8. Ángel Di María

Since we would have the case of angel di maria that’s right friends the noodle for a couple of weeks when his departure from PSG became official the only team that was directly involved in signing the Argentinian was Juventus but in these last days that section has changed it has taken a 180-degree turn because the destination of the noodle would be directed towards Spain more than anything at FC Barcelona- big me world-class god in Europe.

They have ensured that angel dimaría would totally agree to join the Blaugrana squad as I informed you a couple of news articles ago Xavi hernández would have called him directly to explain the sporting projection they would have with him and also his representative Jorge Mendes would have already entered into direct conversations with the sports management of barça to somehow see how they could sign angel di maria at the moment.

There is no more updated news regarding this issue the offer according to other media not close to barça assures that it would be approximately 6 million for just one season with the option of being able to extend it for one more season we’ll see how Angelito’s future is finally resolved what do you think about this signing would you like for barça I will read your opinion.

7. Sadio Mané 

let’s continue now with number 7 since we would have the case of Sadio Mané and that’s how it is friends in the last days he has also the name of the Senegalese sounded quite loud again more than anything involving him once again directly with Bayern Munich.

That’s right friends after having confirmed 100% the departure of Xavi or Sadio Mané from Liverpool and more the options that the reds are analyzing to reinforce their attack before the imminent exit of Senegal is because the rumors involve Sadio Mané directly with Bayern Munich again said that the Bavarians also, have him as one of their great alternatives for their attack.

 And they would even be entering into negotiations with Liverpool The price has not been specified at the moment, we could calmly talk about 30 million or more, we’ll see how this issue is resolved and if the rumors are finally confirmed.

6. Gabriel Jesus

let’s continue now with number 6, according to what various media in England are reporting, Gabriel Jesus, is going to leave, yes  or yes from Manchester city for this summer market and his destiny would continue to be in the premiere, assures fabric his he-man that is going to play in a premier club for this next season will not go to Madrid and at the moment his situation would be analyzed the best candidate to sign him would be an arsenal

5. Ferran Jutglà

let’s continue now with number five since we would have a totally official signing and it will be it’s about Ferran Jutglà who left FC Barcelona heading to Bruges in Belgium for only 5 million euros he was sold to this club where he seeks to have better opportunities.

4. Pogba

Now let’s continue with number 4 since we would have Pogba going to his friends the Frenchman was made official recently as a total departure from manchester united as I informed you several Articles ago finally he did not renew and his departure was announced at the moment several important journalists in the market are assuring that his destiny is directly fixed on Juventus.

And there is even talk that he could earn between 8 million euros or more to return directly to his former team, let’s hope of course to see the best version of Pogba goes that without a doubt he left everything in Juventus when he left for manchester several years ago what do you think that this is the key to what point is he going to shine again with a great level I read your opinion.

3. Renato Sanches

now let’s continue with number three since we would have the case of Renato sánchez recently it was confirmed that both Renato sánchez and Milan have just reached a verbal agreement so that finally for this new season the Portuguese become the new Rossoneri footballer at the moment it has not been taken in-depth regarding this signing we will finally see if it is confirmed in my opinion it would be a great reinforcement for Milan for the future.

2. Romelu Lukaku 

Now let’s continue with number two and we are going to talk about the case of Romelu Lukaku as confirmed recently both inter and Chelsea are in direct talks for Romelu Lukaku and in the next few days, we will surely see something totally concrete for the time being also confirmed that Lukaku is very keen to return to inter.

1.​​ Darwin Núñez

and we are going to close with number 1 obviously and we would have the case of darwin núñez that’s right friends as I informed you in the last news video this will surely be one of the signings that the market is going to burst in the beginning because it has been confirmed that Liverpool has made an official offer of 80 million euros +20 in variables for the transfer of the Uruguayan from Benfica.

He would be quite close to becoming a network footballer beyond  the interests of Manchester United at the moment Liverpool is leading the race and good friends these would be the most relevant signings of these last days regarding rumors and agreed on signings I read your opinion in the comments and as always with me, it will be

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