Who knows if Emanuel Dennis watched last night's game?

Dennis is one of the best strikers on the Nigerian team right now. Welford moved from Belgian club Bruger to English club Watford earlier this season. played pretty well all season, but didn’t get better. Watford, the English Premier League team, has been kicked out. Dennis should be able to fully retire now that the league game is over. If Dennis and ten other football fans at the time had been able to watch the Champions League final last night, would Thibaut Courtois have felt a bit of nostalgia after seeing how he played? Did it surprise you that Cortoir got better?

This cry is not of 'nervous breakdown', but of joy
This cry is not of ‘nervous breakdown’, but of joy Photo: Reuters

Courtois Improvement – Many people might not agree with the way it is written. No one should have any doubts about the “advanced” level of the player who won the 2018 World Cup award for best goalkeeper. Thibaut Courtois was able to move from Chelsea to Real because he won this award. Florentino Perez, the president of Real Madrid, hasn’t thought about replacing Cortoia with an all-around goalkeeper like Kyler Navas for the second time since that World Cup. Then what? What did Courtois do when he wore a Real jersey?

Here is where Emanuel Dennis comes into the story. In the group stage of the 2019-20 Champions League, Real beat Club Brugge. Dennis scored two goals for the Whites in the first half at home, putting them behind. But Cortoya’s role was more noticeable in those two goals than Dennis’s. Dennis didn’t know that he should shoot with his right foot and left foot, so he didn’t do that in the first goal. He fell to the ground and changed direction twice. Even after closing the gap with Dennis and getting to the front in the second goal, he couldn’t touch the ball. Courtois seemed less important when Dennis was around. In the video below, you can see the two goals.

If anyone is surprised to see that Cortoir was involved in these two goals, he must have been surprised by Zinedine Zidane’s decision. In the second half, Alfons Areola was replaced by a different goalkeeper, Courtois, by the coach of Real at the time. Then it was said that Cortoya was sick, which is why he wasn’t used anymore. Later, Spanish journalists said that Cortoya had not been sick yet. Dennis-Jhalke started to feel “sick.” During the break, the Belgian had a nervous breakdown because he had a nervous breakdown. Later, the match was drawn to help Ramos-Casimiro, but this match put a big question mark next to Cortoir’s form. The question of whether or not Cortoya will stay as Real’s main goalkeeper was brought up.

In this way, Kortoya has repeatedly disappointed Salad
In this way, Kortoya has repeatedly disappointed Salad Photo: Reuters

But Courtois’s “nervous breakdown” did not happen all at once. Even before the game against Bruges, kids wearing Real’s jerseys were making mistakes under the goal, and the team’s performance was getting worse. It seemed like Cortoya had made it his “trademark” to stand with his legs apart when he scored goals. How funny it was to see Cortoir eat all those goals on social media! Meme-trolls have been made by the thousands. In the game against Bruger, one mistake after another caused a lot of trouble. In the fight between Dennis and Cortoya, the well-known Nigerian striker had the last laugh.

Cortoya became like a hawk!
Courtois became like a hawk! Photo: Reuters

Two years later, Dennis’ new team Watford is relegated to the second division, while Courtois has won the Champions League for Real Madrid. It would be wrong to say just won, won. Cortoya’s superhuman performance has been stopped by skeptics. Two years later, Dennis would have lost his temper if he had been able to specialize in this ‘improvement’ of Courtois while watching last night’s game, and any grammarian would have to break a sweat!

Not just on the field, things are getting better. Courtois, who had been feeling sick and throwing up for a few years, was surprised by his soaring confidence and tough attitude before an important game like the Champions League final. “Real Madrid always wins when they play in the final,” he said without hesitation. Many people thought that what he said before the game was cocky. If the word came back boomerang, many Real Madrid fans thought it was wrong to say this before the game.

didn’t show up. This court is not the one that went away when Dennis was in charge two years ago. This courtier knows how to keep his word and stay calm when things get tough. The attack by Salah goes out in the face of that coldness. During the game, Salah-Mane-Thiago had all of his shots blocked. Seven of these shots were again taken from inside the box.

Not just in the end. If not for Real’s last-minute thumbs-up goal in the semi-final against Manchester City, City would have been in the final. Courtois has saved 55 goals in 13 games. Ederson Moraes, the goalie for Manchester City, has stopped just two more shots than Cortoir has in the 39 Premier League games they have both played this season. How strange!

Ederson is a great goalkeeper by the standards of today. At the moment, every club wants a goalkeeper who is good at stopping shots and an extra defender who can build up the attack by passing from behind and help the defense use a “high line” strategy by standing up when the ball is at the team’s feet. The ball works as well as a middle player. Along with Ederson, Alison Baker of Liverpool, Manuel Neuer of Bayern, Mark Andre Ter Stegen of Barcelona, and Eduard Mendy of Chelsea can all score goals well.

Kortoya is once again blocking Salah on behalf of the Great Wall of China
Kortoya is once again blocking Salah on behalf of the Great Wall of ChinaPhoto: Reuters

Courtois, on the other hand, was never as good as Neymar or Ederson at making small, perfect passes from behind to attack. Many people don’t want Cortoya to stay at the top of the list of the best goalkeepers right now because of this. For example, the world-famous sports magazine Four Four Two did not put Cortoya in the top ten of the list of the best goalkeepers right now. Even before the game against Liverpool last night, a lot was said about Cortoir’s flaws.

When Cortoya is pressed, he breaks down, loses the ball with a long kick without a short pass, and can’t put together an attack from behind. There were a lot of questions about Cortoya’s “sweeping keeping.” It was thought that Liverpool would win if Salah-Manera could take advantage of Cortoia’s weakness. Even last night, Salah pressed Mane so hard that he couldn’t give a short pass from behind, so Mane either kicked the throw-in long because he couldn’t pass short from behind, or he lost the ball.

But after 90 minutes, nothing happened with Real. Courtois has shown that even in this modern time, the most important thing a goalkeeper can do is block a shot. A goalkeeper needs two hands to win a championship. Avoiding the press, giving short passes to teammates in the gap, making attacks, skill with the ball legs, and “sweeping keeping” are all “extra” skills for a goalkeeper. The real skill is knowing how to block the goal with your hand.

A goalkeeper learns this skill right away. Quality that is pure and unaltered. This is how it has always been, and this is how it will always be.

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